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Myriophyllum spicatum / Hozakinofusamo ホザキノフサモ

Bloom time: May-October

Haloragaceae /


Species in the genus Myriophillum:

Myriophyllum spicatum / Hozakinofusamo
Myriophyllum ussuriense / Tachimo


Myriophyllum spicatum / Hozakinofusamo ホザキノフサモ

Myriophyllum spicatum, an introduced-from-abroad aquatic perennial herb, inhabits marshy places. Stems extend long and branch, with four pinnatifid leaves, 2-3.5cm in length, each in whorls at nodes. Light yellow flowers set themselves in 3-8cm-long racemes, having emerged from underwater; male flowers position themselves on the upper parts and female flowers on the lower portions. The flowers are 4-petaled on both males and females. Bloom time: May-October.




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