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Nasturtium officinale / Orandatagarashi オランダタガラシ

Bloom time: April-June

Brassiaceae /


Species in the genus Nasturtium:

Nasturtium officinale / Orandatagarashi


Nasturtium officinale / Orandatagarashi オランダタガラシ

Nasturtium officinale, a perennial herb originating in Europe, grows in colonies in clear water or at water's edges. Stems take fibrous roots at the lower parts and rise to 30-50cm tall. Leaves are of an imparipinnate compound leaf, with leaflets comprising 3-11, in the shape of an oval to oblong. The flowers are white and measure 6mm long. Fruit is 1-2cm long and cylindrical. Bloom time: April-June.




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