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Neanotis hirsuta / Hashikagusa ハシカグサ

Bloom time: August-September

Rubiaceae /


Species in the genus Hedyotis:

Hedyotis brachypoda (Syn. H. diffusa) / Futabamugura
Hedyotis lindeyana / Hashikagusa
Hedyotis diffusa
var. longipes / Nagaefutabamugura


Neanotis hirsuta / Hashikagusa ハシカグサ

Neanotis hirsuta is an annual herb in the shade of a tree in fields, mountains, or even on roadsides. Stems, soft, branch and spread on the ground, grow to 20-40cm long and emerge roots from nodes; then, top portions often obliquely rise. Leaves are opposite, 2-6cm long, 1-2cm wide, oval to oblong-ovate, and tender, with upper and lower surfaces with white vellus hairs. Stem tips or axils set some white flowers in clusters and calyxes with white vellus coats. Bloom time: August-September.




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