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Nemosenecio nikoensis / Sawagiku サワギク

Bloom time: June-August

Asteraceae /


Species in the genus Nemosenecio:

Nemosenecio nikoensis / Sawagiku

Nemosenecio nikoensis / Sawagiku サワギク

Nemosenecio nikoensis is a perennial that occurs in damp locations in forests or edges, growing to 0.6-1m in height. Stems feel soft, stand erect, and branch at upper parts with white hairs. Radical leaves are hairy, and on-stem leaves are alternate, 5-14cm long, 2.5-8.5cm wide, oblong-shaped, and pinnately profoundly cleft; the lobes, 4-6 pairs, are with pointed tips. Stem tips set many yellow flowers in an umbel way. Flower heads measure about 1.2cm in diameter and comprise ligulate and tubular flowers. Bloom time: June-August.



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