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Neolitsea sericea / Shirodamo シロダモ

Bloom time: October-November

Lauraceae /


Species in the genus Neolitsea:

Neolitsea sericea / Shirodamo
Neolitsea sericea f. xanthocarpa / Kiminoshirodamo


Neolitsea sericea / Shirodamo シロダモ


Neolitsea sericea is an evergreen tree in moist places in fields and mountains, growing to 10-15m in height, with dark brown barks tingeing green and dense yellow-brown hairs on new branches. Alternate eaves, with 2-3cm petioles, set themselves on branch tips; blades measure 8-18cm long, 4-8cm wide, long oblong or oval-like oblong, with entire margins and prominent three veins. Young leaves droop and both surfaces are sericeous all through. The back surfaces look gray-white with a waxy substance. Dioecious: Small yellow-brown flowers bear at the sides of the leaves, gathering together. Involucral bracts are long and oblong-shaped. Bloom time: October-November. Fruit (sap fruit) matures.





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