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Nymphaea tetragona / Hitsujigusa ヒツジグサ

Bloom time: June-September

Nymphaeaceae /


Species in the genus Nymphae:

Nymphaea tetragona / Hitsujigusa


Nymphaea tetragona / Hitsujigusa ヒツジグサ

Nymphae tetragona is a perennial found in ponds or swamps; the rhizomes are thick and short. Leaves emerge in bundles with long petioles, broadly elliptical, deeply cleft in heart shape at their bases, 10-20cm in length, and float on the water. The petioles set single white flowers on the tops, each approximately 5cm in diameter, open in the daytime and close in the nighttime. The flowers are 8-15-petaled with four sepals. Round sap fruit ripens in the water as the flowers have gone. Bloom time. June-September.




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