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Nymphoides coreana / Himeshiroasaza ヒメシロアサザ

Bloom time: July-October


Menyanthaceae /


Species in the genus Nymphoides:

Nymphoides coreana / Himeshiroasaza
Nymphoides indica / Gagabuta
Nymphoides peltata / Asaza


Nymphoides coreana / Himeshiroasaza ヒメシロアサザ

Nymphoides coreana is a perennial herb found in ponds, marshes, or paddies, emerging long, slender 'stems' from rhizomes in a petiole way. Blades position on the tips of them. Leaves (the edges) are concentric or concentric-ovate, 2-6cm in length, 2-4cm in width, and many have purplish-brown mottled patterns on their surfaces. There are nodes on the 'stems' at somewhat upper parts from the midpoints, from which flower buds or new vegetative growths (leaves with 'stems,' the same thing mentioned above) start—the latest developments root in due course. Flowers, white, 4- or 5-petaled, 8mm in diameter, have thick white hairs on the margins and a few insides. Fruit is oblong and has many seeds inside, germinating approximately in May. As for the 'stem,' a lower portion from the node may be a genuine stem, and the upper a petiole. Be that as it may, the 'stems' exist with no nodes also. How can it be explained? Who knows at the moment? Bloom time: July-October. 



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