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Nymphoides peltata / Asaza アサザ

Bloom time: June-August

Menyanthaceae /


Species in the genus Nymphoides:

Nymphoides coreana / Himeshiroasaza
Nymphoides indica / Gagabuta
Nymphoides peltata / Asaza


Nymphoides peltata / Asaza アサザ

Nymphoides peltata is an aquatic perennial herb inhabiting ponds and marshes, the rhizomes crawling long in the bottom's mud and bearing thick long stems. Leaves, with long petioles, float on the water surface, are 5-10cm in diameter, ovate- or orbicular-shaped, the bases deep-heart-shaped, and the margins have shallow, wavy serrations around. The leaf's bottom side tinges are brown-purple. Axils emerge flower stalks and put yellow flowers on the water's surface. The corollas, 3,4cm in diameter, are deep into five segments; their tips have one dent each, and the margins are cleft in a thread way. Stamens are 5 in number and pistils 1. Bloom time: June-August.



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