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Oenothera grandis / Oobanakomatsuyoigusa オオバナコマツヨイグサ

Bloom time: May-October

Onagraceae /


Species in the genus Oenothera:

Oenothera biennis / Mematsuyoigusa
Oenothera glazioviana / Oomatsuyoigusa
Oenothera grandis / Oobanakomatsuyoigusa
Oenothera rosea / Akabanayuugeshou
Oenothera speciosa / Hiruzakitsukimisou


Oenothera grandis / Oobanakomatsuyoigusa オオバナコマツヨイグサ

Oenothera grandis, a biennial herb originating in North America, grows wild on seashores, riversides, or open spaces in western Japan. Stems with many vellus hairs branch at the bases, crawling on the ground; upper parts ascend obliquely upward to grow to 20-50cm in height. Leave are oblanceolate, 2-7cm in length; some are cleft in half or undulated on margins. Flowers, light yellow, measure 4cm in diameter, with petals four in number. Bloom time: May-October.




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