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Omphalodes japonica / Yamarurisou ヤマルリソウ

Bloom time: April-May

Boraginaceae /


Species in the genus Omphalodes:

Omphalodes japonica / Yamarurisou
Omphalodes japonica f. albiflora / Shirobanayamarurisou


Omphalodes japonica / Yamarurisou ヤマルリソウ

Omphalodes japonica, a perennial, occurs in shades of a tree or roadsides in hilly districts, the whole being abundant in divaricate hairs. Radical leaves are plenty, 12-15cm in length, 2-3cm in width, in a lanceolate shape, with wavy margins. On-stem leaves embrace stems at the bases, and the stem tips emerge racemes and open about 1cm-in-diameter light blue-purple flowers from one to another. As the flowering is over, peduncles droop down. Bloom time: April-May.




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