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Ophiorrhiza japonica / Satsumainamori サツマイナモリ

Bloom time: December-May

Rubiaceae /


Species in the genus Ophiorrhiza:

Ophiorrhiza japonica / Satsumainamori


Ophiorrhiza japonica / Satsumainamori サツマイナモリ

Ophiorrhiza japonica is a perennial herb, 10-25cm in height, inhabiting forests in mountainous regions. Leave are oval-shaped or in the shape of a long-oblong-like lanceolate, 2-5cm in length, with sharp-pointed tips, and bases become narrower to grow into fine pedicles. Stem tips create drepanium inflorescences, setting some white flowers with as short as 1mm long pedicels. Corollas are funnel-shaped, tips cleft in five, measuring 1-5cm in length. Bloom time: December-May.




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