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Opithandra primuloide / Iwagirisou イワギリソウ

Bloom time: May-June

Gesneriaceae /


Species in the genus Opithandra:

Opithandra primuloide / Iwagirisou


Opithandra primuloide / Iwagirisou イワギリソウ


Opithandra primuloide is a perennial herb borne on wharves in valleys; leaves are thick, emerging from the bases with 4-10cm-long petioles in the shape of a broad ovate, 4-10cm in length, and the margins are serrated. Flower stalks arise from leaf axils, bear umbels on them, and set approximately ten red-purple flowers blooming sideways. The corollas are funnel-shaped labiate, about 2cm in length. If this species once dries up and withers, then it turns into something like a piece of dried gray paper sticking onto the rocks. It can look like part of the cliff, and observers may not notice. However, it revives with the supply of abundant rainfall. Bloom time: May-June.





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