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Orostachys japonica / Tsumerenge ツメレンゲ

Bloom time: September-November

Crassulaceae /


Species in the genus Orostachys:

Orostachys japonica f. polycephala / Yatsugashira

Orostachys japonica / Tsumerenge
Orostachys malacophylla var. Iwarenge
/ Iwarenge


Orostachys japonica / Tsumerenge ツメレンゲ

It forms a basal rosette with 3-6cm sharply pointed-at-the-tip succulent leaves; Orostachys japonica sets as long as a 10-30cm tall spike on it and makes small white flowers in a dense cluster around it. The dark red anthers containing pollen have the effect of giving more attractiveness to observers. O. japonica occurs in craggy locations and sometimes on the roof of houses. Bloom time: September-November.



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