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Osmorhiza aristata / Yabuninjin ヤブジラミ

Bloom time: May-July

Oenanthe javanica / Serika


Species in the genus Osmorhiza:

Osmorhiza aristata / Yabujirami



Osmorhiza aristata / Yabuninjin ヤブジラミ


Osmorhiza aristata is a biennial herb of 30-70cm in height found on roadsides or in wastelands, leaves are of a bi- to tri-pinnate compound leaf, and the leaflets are egg-shaped lanceolate, finely cleft, with coarse, short hairs on both sides. Branch tips emerge, and small umbels and small white flowers set themselves in them with 4-10 pedicels. Involucral bracts are slender. Bloom time: May-July.





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