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Ottelia japonicum / Mizuoobako ミズオオバコ

Bloom time: August-October



Species in the genus Ottelia:

Ottelia japonicum / Mizuoobako



Ottelia japonicum / Mizuoobako ミズオオバコ

Ottelia japonicum is an annual herb occurring in paddies, water ditches, ponds, or the like; laying its leaves in water; blades are 10-30cm long, 2-15cm wide, broadly lanceolate, with long petioles, margins curling in waves. Flower stalks arise among the leaves and put 2-3cm-in-diameter white or light red-tinged flowers on the water's surface. Flowers are bisexual; stamens 3-6 in number and styles 6, and both are yellow. Bloom time: August to October.




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