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Oxalis corniculata / Katabami カタバミ

Bloom time: May-July

Oxalidaceae /


Species in the genus Oxalis:

Oxalis corniculata / Katabami
Oxalis corniculata f. erecta / Tachikatabami
Oxalis corniculata f. rubrifolia / Akakatabami
Oxalis corniculata var. trichocaulon / Kekatabami
Oxalis debillis ssp. corymbosa / Murasakikatabami
Oxalis dillenii / Ottachikatabami
Oxalis griffithii / Miyamakatabami
Oxalis griffithii f. rubriflora / Benibanamiyamakatabami
Oxalis rubra / Imokatabami


Oxalis corniculata / Katabami カタバミ

Oxalis corniculata, a 10-30cm tall perennial herb that does sleep movements, closes its leaves during nighttime. Stems crawl on the ground or underground to expand and set 3 heart-shaped leaflets at the tips of long petioles. The leaflets measure 1cm long. The flowers are yellow and approximately 8mm in diameter. After flowers, peduncles face down and set cylindrical capsules at the tips facing upward. The capsules split themselves open and blow off many seeds as the capsules ripen. Bloom time: May-July.




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