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Oxalis dillenii / Ottachikatabami オッタチカタバミ

Bloom time: April-October

Oxalidaceae /


Species in the genus Oxalis:

Oxalis corniculata / Katabami
Oxalis corniculata f. erecta / Tachikatabami
Oxalis corniculata f. rubrifolia / Akakatabami
Oxalis corniculata var. trichocaulon / Kekatabami
Oxalis debillis ssp. corymbosa / Murasakikatabami
Oxalis dillenii / Ottachikatabami
Oxalis griffithii / Miyamakatabami
Oxalis griffithii f. rubriflora / Benibanamiyamakatabami
Oxalis rubra / Imokatabami


Oxalis dillenii / Ottachikatabami オッタチカタバミ

Oxalis dillenii, a perennial herb originating in North America, grows wild on roadsides or wastelands in western Japan. It resembles Oxalis corniculata. However, all the terrestrial stems arise from rhizomes running sideways underground and rise to 10-50cm in height. The flowers are yellow and 5-petaled; after flowers, gynophores go downwards. The whole is somewhat hairy, and small stipules are inconspicuous. Bloom time: April-October.



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