Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物




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Oxalidaceae /


Species in the genus Oxalis:

Oxalis corniculata / Katabami
Oxalis corniculata f. erecta / Tachikatabami
Oxalis corniculata f. rubrifolia / Akakatabami
Oxalis corniculata var. trichocaulon / Kekatabami
Oxalis debillis ssp. corymbosa / Murasakikatabami
Oxalis dillenii / Ottachikatabami
Oxalis griffithii / Miyamakatabami
Oxalis griffithii f. rubriflora / Benibanamiyamakatabami
Oxalis rubra / Imokatabami


Oxalis griffithii / Miyamakatabami ミヤマカタバミ

Oxalis griffithii, a perennial, inhabits forest floors in mountainous regions, its roots being thick and making no branching. All the leaves comprise single leaves with three leaflets, and they take roots at bases; that is to say, they are radical leaves. Tips of the leaflets are succise, ending as if abruptly cut off, center portions dented, corners obtuse. Dense hairs are observable on petioles, backsides, and scapes. Flowers are white and measure 3-4cm in diameter. Bloom time: March-April.



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