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Paeoniaceae /


Species in the genus Paeonia:

Paeonia japonica / Yamashakuyaku
Paeonia obovata / Benibanayamashakuyaku
Paeonia obovata (alba) / Shirobanabenibanayamashakuyaku

Paeonia japonica / Yamashakuyaku ヤマシャクヤク

Paeonia japonica is a perennial herb growing to 30-60cm in height; the leaves, 3-4 in number, are of alternate phyllotaxis, each biternate leaf compound; the segments are in the shape of an obovate, 5-12cm in length, their bottom sides tinge white. Flower stalks set single flowers on the apex, blooming half-open, facing upward. Petals are white, 5-7 in number, and sepals beneath, 3 in number, are green. There are many stamens and 2-4 pistils in the centers, red stigmas a little bent. Fruits are follicles and ripen red in the autumn. Bloom time: April-May.




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