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Paspalum thunbergii / Suzumenohie スズメノヒエ

Bloom time: June-October

Poaceae /


Species in the genus Paspalum:

Paspalum thunbergii / Suzumenohie


Paspalum thunbergii / Suzumenohie スズメノヒエ

Paspalum thunbergii is a hairy perennial in paddies or roadsides. Rhizomes are short, so stems arise in bundles and grow to 30-80cm tall. Leaf-sheaths, surfaces, and nodes of flower stems cover themselves with tender hairs, with coarse hairs, especially on the lower parts of leaf sheaths. Blades are flat, 10-30cm long, 5-10mm wide, and ligules 1mm in height. Flower stalks extend high, with 3-5 lateral branches with spikelets arranged at intervals. The lateral branches, 6-8cm long, grow diagonally straight. Bloom time: July-October.




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