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Pecteilis radiata ( syn. Habenaria radiata) / Sagisou サギソウ

Bloom time: August

Orchidacea /


Species in the genus Pecteilis:

Pecteilis radiata / Sagisou


Pecteilis radiata ( syn. Habenaria radiata) / Sagisou サギソウ


Pecteilis radiata is a perennial orchid of 15-40cm in height, inhabiting sunny marshes in fields and mountains, having oblong pseudobulbs underground, from which emerge thin stolons making new bulbs at the ends. Leaves are alternate, broadly linear, 5-10cm in length, and 3-6mm in width, the bases growing into sheath-like staffs to embrace stems. The stems, on upper portions, set 1-4 white,3cm-across flowers. Sepals are green, and side petals are rhombic oval, standing to cover the gynostemium. Lips are cleft in three, and the side lobes develop in a fan-like manner and re-cleft delicately in acceptable segments. The central lobes are linear, and the spur, 3-4cm in length, is pendent. Bloom time: August.




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