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Pellionia minima / Sanshousou サンショウソウ

Bloom time: April-June

Urticaceae /


Secies in the genus Pellionia:

Pellionia minima / Sanshousou
Pellionia radicans / Oosanshousou


Pellionia minima / Sanshousou サンショウソウ

Pellionia minima is a dioecious perennial herb,10-30cm in height, occurring in damp locations in mountainous regions. Stems crawl on the ground, tingeing green-brown, with fine hairs. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, distorted-obovate, 1-3cm long, with some obtuse serrations on margins and inches on both sides. The surfaces are dark green. Flowers are light green; male inflorescences are cymose, with short pedicels, four perianth lobes, and four stamens, and females, with five perianth lobes, are spherical with no pedicels. Bloom time: April-June.




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