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Persicaria macrantha ssp. conspicua / Sakuratadeサクラタデ

Bloom time: August-October

Polygonaceae /


Species in the genus Persicaria:

Persicaria debilis / Miyamatanisoba 
Persicaria filiformis / Mizuhiki
Persicaria filiformis f. albiflora / Ginmizuhiki

Persicaria hydoropiper / Yanagitade
Persicaria japonica / Shirobanasakuratade
Persicaria lapathifolia var. incana / Sanaetade
Persicaria lapathifolia var. lapathifolia / Ooinutade
Persicaria longiseta / Inutade

Persicaria longiseta f.albiflora / Shirobanainutade
Persicaria macrantha ssp. conspicua / Sakuratade
Persicaria muricata / Yanonegusa
Persicaria nepalensis / Tanisoba

Persicaria orientalis / Oobenitake
Persicaria perforiata / Ishimikawa
Persicaria posumbu / Hanatade
ersicaria praetermissa / Hosobanounagitsukami
Persicaria pubescens / Bontokutade
Persicaria sagittata var. sibirica / Akinounagitsukamii
Persicaria senticosa f. albiflora / Shirobanamamakonoshirinugui
Persicaria senticosa / Mamakonoshirinugui
Persicaria thunbergii / Mizosoba

Persicaria thunbergii var. oreophila / Yamamizosoba

Persicaria macrantha ssp. conspicua / Sakuratadeサクラタデ

Persicaria macrantha ssp. conspicua, 0.5-1m in height, is a perennial found at water's edges or wetlands. Leaves, 7-13cm in length, are alternate, lanceolate, and thick, having glandular dots on the backsides. Inflorescences are slender, densely attached light flowers of 5-6mm in diameter. P. conspicuum is dioecious: in female flowers, the pistils are longer than the stamens, and vice versa. Bloom time: August-October.




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