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Persicaria sagittata var. sibirica  / Akinounagitsukami アキノウナギツカミ

Bloom time: June-September

Polygonaceae /


Species in the genus Persicaria:

Persicaria debilis / Miyamatanisoba 
Persicaria filiformis / Mizuhiki
Persicaria filiformis f. albiflora / Ginmizuhiki

Persicaria hydoropiper / Yanagitade
Persicaria japonica / Shirobanasakuratade
Persicaria lapathifolia var. incana / Sanaetade
Persicaria lapathifolia var. lapathifolia / Ooinutade
Persicaria longiseta / Inutade

Persicaria longiseta f.albiflora / Shirobanainutade
Persicaria macrantha ssp. conspicua / Sakuratade
Persicaria muricata / Yanonegusa
Persicaria nepalensis / Tanisoba

Persicaria orientalis / Oobenitake
Persicaria perforiata / Ishimikawa
Persicaria posumbu / Hanatade
ersicaria praetermissa / Hosobanounagitsukami
Persicaria pubescens / Bontokutade
Persicaria sagittata var. sibirica / Akinounagitsukamii
Persicaria senticosa f. albiflora / Shirobanamamakonoshirinugui
Persicaria senticosa / Mamakonoshirinugui
Persicaria thunbergii / Mizosoba

Persicaria thunbergii var. oreophila / Yamamizosoba

Persicaria sagittata var. sibirica  / Akinounagitsukami アキノウナギツカミ

Persicaria sagittata var. sibirica: A 0.6-1m tall annual occurs on water's edges and stems crawling on the ground. Leaves are oval-like lanceolate to long lanceolate-shaped, with bases sagittate and expand as if embracing the stems. Ochreas are 0.7-1cm-long tubular, with tips that look like they are obliquely cut themselves. Flowers, ten or more, with no peduncles, set themselves gathering together on branch tips. Perianths cut themselves into five; the upper parts are light red and the lower white. Bloom time: June-September.




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