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Philadelphus satsumi / Baikautsugi バイカウツギ

Bloom time: July-August

Saxifragaceae /


Species in the genus Philadelphus:

Philadelphus satsumi / Baikautsugi


Philadelphus satsumi / Baikautsugi バイカウツギ

Philadelphus satsumi, a deciduous shrub occurring on somewhat damp slopes in forests in hilly districts, grows as tall as one meter. Leaves are opposite; blades are 10-22cm long, 3-6cm wide, long oblong to narrow long oblong, with tips pointed long, bases cuneate, sharp serrations on margins, thin texture, and addressed hairs on both surfaces. Branch tips emerge 5-10cm long cymes; ornamental flowers' calyxes are white and almost circular, 1-2.5cm in diameter, with prominent reticular veins remaining until fruiting. In the center of the ornamental flowers are bisexual and sterile flowers of the same size; petals are white, 8-10cm long, oval, with pointed tips. Bloom time: July-August.



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