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Phytolacca japonica / Maruminoyamagobou マルミノヤマゴボウ

Bloom time: June-September

Phytolaccaceae /


Species in the genus Phytolacca:

Phytolacca americana / Youshuyamagobou
acinosa / Yamagobou
Phytolacca japonica / Maruminoyamagobou


Phytolacca japonica / Maruminoyamagobou マルミノヤマゴボウ

Phytolacca japonica is a perennial herb occurring on semi-shady forest edges in hilly districts, with the stem growing to 1m in height with 10-20cm-long oval leaves. Lacking petals, approximately 8mm in diameter flowers set themselves in erect inflorescences, ranging from white to light red. The flowers become deep red as they come near the end. The fruit looks like a pumpkin; the capsules do not separate. Bloom time: June-September.




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