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Picris hieracioides ssp. japonica / Kouzorina コウゾリナ

Bloom time: May-October

Asteraceae /   


Species in the genus Picris:

Picris hieracioides ssp.japonica/ Kouzorina


Picris hieracioides ssp. japonica / Kouzorina コウゾリナ

Picris hieracioides ssp. japonica, a biennial herb occurring in grasslands or roadsides in fields and mountains, grows to 0.3-1m in height. Radical leaves perish in the flowering time, and on-stem leaves on lower parts are 6-12cm long, lanceolate, with bases tapering to become petioles. Those on the middle parts are lanceolate, with bases embracing the stems. Branch tips set 2.2.5cm across yellow flower heads. Involucres are blackish-green; inside pieces are linear-like lanceolate with coarse hairs and short outer segments. Bloom time: May-October.




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