Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Pieris japonica / Asebi アセビ

Bloom time: February-May

Menziesia ciliicalyx / Usugiyouraku


Species in the genus Pieris:

Pieris japonica / Asebi


Pieris japonica / Asebi アセビ

Pieris japonica is an evergreen- shrub to small tree that inhabits sunny locations in mountainous regions stems growing to 1-8m in height and 5-10cm in diameter. Leaves set themselves together at branch tips. The blades are 3-10cm long, 1-2cm wide, in the shape of an oblanceolate or long-oblong, with pointed tips, bases tapering toward petioles, and sallow serrations on the upper half margins somewhat wavy. Axils on branch tips emerge panicles and bring many white flowers, and bloom facing downward. Corollas measure 6-8mm in length, in a pot shape, shallowly cleft in five. Bloom time: February-May.




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