Wild plants in and around Shimane 島根とその周辺の野生植物


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Pilea japonica / Yamamizu ヤマミズ

Bloom time: September-October

Urticaceae /


Species in the genus Pilea:

Pilea japonica / Yamamizu
Pilea peploides / Kokemizu
Pilea petiolaris / Miyamamizu
Pilea pseudopetiolaris / Komiyamamizu
Pilea pumila / Aomizu 


Pilea japonica / Yamamizu ヤマミズ

Pilea japonica is an annual herb, 10-20cm in height, growing in damp, shady places in mountainous regions. The stems are weak, tinging brown. Leaves, with petioles, are opposite, in the shape of a broadly ovate, 4-6cm in length, with short tail-like tips, and with coarse serrations on margins. Leaf axils on upper parts emerge 2-3cm-long peduncles with dense light green flowers mingling. Bloom September-October.
      , with petioles    




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