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Pinellia ternata / Karasubijaku カラスビジャク

Bloom time: May-August

Araceae /


Species in the genus Pinellia:

Pinellia ternata / Karasubishaku
Pinellia tripartita / Oohange


Pinellia ternata / Karasubijaku カラスビジャク

Pinellia ternata is a perennial herb in fields with one or two radical leaves and three leaflets. The leaflets are 5-11cm long, in the shape of an oblong to long-oblong with pointed tips. The halfway parts of the petioles and the leaflet bases produce bulbils; thus, propagation occurs. Flower stalks, 20-40cm long and taller than the leaves, make spadixes enveloped by spathes. The spathes are 5-6cm long, with dense short hairs inside limbs. Inflorescence's satellites extend long in a thread way, go out of the spaches, and become erect. Bloom time: May-August.




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