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Pinus thunderbersii / Kuromatsu クロマツ

Bloom time: May

Pinaceae / Matsuka


Species in the genus Pinus:

Pinus thunderbersii / Kuromatsu


Pinus thunderbersii / Kuromatsu クロマツ

Pinus thunderbersii, a dioecious evergreen tree, occurs on sunny, sandy- beaches or rocks, many inhabiting coastal areas of sand leading to shores - remarkably resistant to salty winds. The trunks reach around 25m in height and 1.5m in diameter. Leaves are bilobar,10-15cm long, the cross-section being hemispheric, 1.5-2mm wide, with tips sharply pointed. New leaves keep themselves on branches for three years and drop afterward. Male flowers set themselves many at new branches' bases, and female ones two at the branches' tips. Bloom time: May.




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