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Pittosporum tobira(Fruit) / Tobera トベラ

Bloom time: April-June

Pittosporaceae /


Species in the genus Pittosporum:

Pittosporum tobira / Tobera

Pittosporum tobira(Fruit) / Tobera トベラ


Pittosporum tobira is a shrub, small tree, or tree on seashores. Trunks branch well and grow 2-3m tall, but some reach 8m in height and 10-20cm in diameter. Leaves are alternate, in an obovate or long obovate shape, with tips round, bases entire, and curl toward backsides. The leaves are leathery and glossy, with fine hairs that lack later and 5-8mm long petioles. Dioecious: Current branches emerge cymes with many about 2cm across fragrant, white flowers. Capsules, 1-1.5cm across, are spherical, mature in gray-brown, then split open to show 8-12 sticky red seeds in November-December. Bloom time: April-June.





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