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Plantago camtschatica / Ezooobako エゾオオバコ

Bloom time: May-August

Plantaginaceae /


Species in the genus Plantago:

Plantago asiatica / Oobako
Plantago camtschatica / Ezooobako
Plantago lanceolata / Heraoobako
Plantago major. var. japonica / Touoobako


Plantago camtschatica / Ezooobako エゾオオバコ

Plantago camtschatica is a perennial herb, 10-30cm in height, occurring in sandy soil or craggy places in coastal areas. The whole is pubescent-hairy, with leaves 5-20cm in length, 2.5-4.5cm in width, and blade bases tapering to petioles. Scapes arise erect to reach 15-30cm in height and make 3-10cm long spikes with dense small flowers. Bracts are oval, with no hairs, shorter than calyxes, the calyxes being in an oblong shape, 2-2.5cm long, with no coats, and mid-ribs are green. Corollas cut themselves in 4, and four stamens pop out of them. Bloom time: May-August.




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