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Species in the genus Platanthera:

Platanthera hologlottis / Mizuchidori
Platanthera mandarinorum / Hashinagayamasagisou
Platanthera mandarinorum var. brachycentron / Yamasagisou
Platanthera mandarinorum var. neglecta / Maisagisou
Platanthera minor / Oobanotonbosou
Platanthera sachalinensis / Ooyamasagisou
Platanthera tipuloides var. nipponica / Kobanotonbosou

Platanthera mandarinorum var. neglecta / Maisagisou マイサギソウ

Platanthera mandarinorum var. neglecta is a variety of its elemental species, P. mandarinorum, the spur measuring 11-18mm-long leaping up - this is the primary point to distinguish this variety from the essential species mentioned above and another combination. P. mandarinorum var. neglecta is found in a sunny grassland, growing up to 20-30cm in the flowering season, with several white-green flowers on a spike. Bloom time: June-July.




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