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Platanthera sachalinensis / Ooyamasagisou オオヤマサギソウ

Bloom time: July-August

Orchidaceae / Ranka

Species in the genus Platanthera:

Platanthera hologlottis / Mizuchidori
Platanthera mandarinorum / Hashinagayamasagisou
Platanthera_mandarinorum_ssp._ maximowicziana_var._cornu-bovis / Manshuuyamasagisou
Platanthera mandarinorum var. brachycentron / Yamasagisou
Platanthera mandarinorum var. neglecta / Maisagisou
Platanthera minor / Oobanotonbosou
Platanthera sachalinensis / Ooyamasagisou
Platanthera tipuloides var. nipponica / Kobanotonbosou

Platanthera sachalinensis / Ooyamasagisou オオヤマサギソウ

Platanthera sachalinensis is an orchid perennial found in forests in mountainous regions, the stem measuring 40-60cm in height, with no wings. Leaves, alternate, 2-3 on the lower portion of the stem, are generally large, narrow-oblong - 10-20cm in length, and glossy. A spike-like raceme comes out with many light green flowers; the dorsal sepal is oblong-ovate, approximately 3.5mm, and the side petals approx. 3mm across. The lip, ligulated, 1.5-2cm in length, bulging out sideways. Bloom time: July-August  




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