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Polygara japonica / Himehagi ヒメハギ

Bloom time:April-July

Polygalaceae /


Species in the genus Polygara:

Polygara japonica / Himehagi
Polygala tatarinowii  / Hinanokinchaku 


Polygara japonica / Himehagi ヒメハギ

Polygara japonica is a perennial herb inhabiting sunny fields and mountains with haired stems. The stems crawl on the ground and grow diagonally upward to around 10-20cm in height. Leave are alternate, in an oval to long-oblong shape, 1-3cm long, with short petioles and pointed tips. Axils on the upper parts of the stems emerge short racemes with purple-tinged flowers shaped like a butterfly. Sepals are 5 in number; petaloid side-sepals are oval to oblong, 6mm long, and purple, enhancing after the flower to 1cm, becoming green. Petals 3 are connate at the bases, and one cut itself in at the tips. Bloom time: April-July.




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