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Polygonaceae /


Species in the genus Polygonum:

Polygonum caespitosum var. laxiflorum / Hanatade
Polygonum conspicuum / Sakuratade
Polygonum cuspidatum / Itadori
Polygonum debile / Miyamatanisoba
Polygonum filiforme / Mizuhiki
Polygonum filiforme f. albiflorum / Ginmizuhiki
Polygonum hydropiper / Yanagitade
Polygonum japonicum / Shirobanasakuratade
Polygonum lapathifolia var. indica / Sanaetade
Polygonum lapathifolia var. lathifolia / Ooinutade

Polygonum longisetum /  Inutade
Polygonum longisetum f. albiflorum / Shirobanainutade
Polygonum multiflorum / Tsurudokudami
Polygonum nepalense / Tanisoba
Polygonum nipponense / Yanonegusa
Polygonum orientale / Oobenitade
Polygonum perfoliatum / Ishimikawa
Polygonum polyneuron / Akinomichiyanagi
Polygonum pubescens / Bontokutade
Polygonum senticosum /  Mamakonoshirinugui
Polygonum sieboldii / Akinounagitsukami
Polygonum thunbergii / Mizosoba

Polygonum caespitosum var. laxiflorum / Hanatade ハナタデ

Polygonum caespitosum var. laxiflorum is a 30-60cm tall annual found in damp locations in fields and forest edges in mountainous regions, lower part of the stems creeping on the ground. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, each 3-9cm long, in the shape of an oval or long oval, and the end grows to a point in a tail-like way. Many of the leaves have blackish staches on the surfaces. Racemes grow slender and set many small light-red to red flowers on them. Ochreas have long hairs on the verges. Bloom time: August-October.


  Polygonum lapathifolia var. lathifolia / Ooinutade


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