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Polygonum polyneuron / Akinomichiyanagi アキノミチヤナギ

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Polygonaceae /


Species in the genus Polygonum:

Polygonum polyneuron / Akinomichiyanagi



Polygonum polyneuron / Akinomichiyanagi アキノミチヤナギ

Polygonum polyneuron, an 80cm-in-height annual herb, occurs at seashores, the stems well-branching at the bases. Leaves, 0.5-3cm in length, are long-oblong or oblanceolate, taking on a dark brown tinge. Leaf axils make two or three flowers in the way of a bundle; the perianths, each 1.5-3mm in length, are cleft in five and green, and the margins with white to light red turn red after flower. Boom time: September-October.




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