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Potentilla anemonifolia / Ohebiichigo オヘビイチゴ

Bloom time: May-June

Rosaceae /


Species in the genus Potentilla:

Potentilla anemonifolia / Ohebiichigo
Potentilla hebiichigo / Hebiichigo
Potentilla cryptotaeniae / Mitsumotosou
Potentilla dickinsii / Iwakinbai
Potentilla fragarioides var. major / Kijimushiro
Potentilla freyniana / Mitsubatsuchiguri

Potentilla indica / Yabuhebiichigo
Potentilla nipponica / Hirohanokawarasaiko

Potentilla anemonifolia / Ohebiichigo オヘビイチゴ

Potentilla anemonifolia is a perennial herb found in damp places like paths between paddies, the whole having adpressed hairs throughout and crawling on the ground. Leaves are palmate compound leaves composed of five lobes; however, on the upper parts with three or one lobes, in some cases, leaflets are narrow, long-oblong, 1.5-5cm in length. Flowers are small, 8mm in diameter, blooming in cymose inflorescences on the upper parts of the stems. Bloom time: May-June.




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