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Prunus apetala / Choujizakura チョウジザクラ

Bloom time: March-April

Rosaceae /


Species in the genus Prunus:

Prunus apetala / Choujizakura
Prunus grayana / Uwamizuzakura
Prunus jamazakura / Yamazakura
Prunus sargentii / Ooyamazakura
Prunus x parviflora cv. Parviflora / Fuyuzakura

Prunus apetala / Choujizakura チョウジザクラ

Prunus apetala, a deciduous shrub to small tree with grayish-brown barks, inhabits limestone areas in hilly districts, having many divaricate hairs on fresh branches. Leaves are alternate, 5-8cm long, ovate to ovate-like oblong; leaf tips are long in a tail way to become pointed, bases circular to truncate, and left and right uneven. Flowers come on previous year branches before leaves develop, or at the same time - the flowers, white or light red, emerge from axils and blossom downwards in an umbel way. Bloom time: March-April.
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