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Pseudolysimachon ogurare / San'intoranoo-pink アカバナサンイントラノオ

Bloom time: August-September

 Plantaginaceae /


Species in the genus Pseudolysimachion:

Pseudolysimachion schmidtianum ssp. senanense / Miyamakuwagata

Pseudolysimachion ogurae (Syn. Veronica ogurae) / San'intoranoo
Pseudolysimachion ogurae-pink (Syn. V. ogurae) / Akabana-san'intoranoo
(Syn. V. ogurae) / Shirobanasan'intoranoo

Veronica anagallis-aquatica / Ookawadisha
Veronica arvensis / Tachiinunofuguri
Veronica hederaefolia / Furasabasou
Veronica muratae / San'inkuwagata
Veronica muratae / San'inkuwagata(white)
Veronica ornata / Touteiran
Veronica persica / Ooinunofuguri
Veronica polita var. lilacina / Inunofuguri
Veronica undulata / Kawadisha

                Pseudolysimachion ogurae (Syn. Veronica ogurae) -Pink / San'intoranoo-pink アカバナサンイントラノオ
The plants in the pictures here are a pink form (forma) of Pseudolysimachon ogurare, which rarely occurs. No one seems yet to describe tthe report. Bloom time: August-September.





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