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Pterostyrax corymbosa / Asagara アサガラ

Bloom time: May-June

Styraceae /


Species in the genus Pterostyrax:

Pterostyrax corymbosa / Asagara
Pterostyrax hispidus / Oobaasagara

Pterostyrax corymbosa / Asagara アサガラ


Pterostyrax corymbosa is a deciduous small- or tree with gray-brown barks, many inhabiting somewhat damp locations in deciduous forests in mountainous regions and growing to 6-10m in height. Leaves with 1.5-2.5cm-long petioles are alternate, broad-oblong, or obovate, with tips shortly pointed, bases somewhat circular, margins with shallow serrations bending inward, and the ends having glandular protrusions. Flowers, white, set themselves many in compound racemes of 8-12cm in length; corollas, about 1cm long, deeply cut in 5, with fine stellate hairs on the surfaces. Stamens are 10 in number, longer than the corollas, and filaments are inches on the inside of the lower half. Stigmas are longer than the stamens, with many long hairs on styles. Bloom time: May-June.





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