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Pterostyrax hispidus / Oobaasagara オオバアサガラ

Bloom time: June

Styraceae /


Species in the genus Pterostyrax:

Pterostyrax corymbosa / Asagara
Pterostyrax hispidus / Oobaasagara

Pterostyrax hispidus / Oobaasagara オオバアサガラ

Pterostyrax hispidus, a deciduous small- tree or tree with light black barks, occurring along valleys in hilly districts, grows to 8-10m in height. Leaves are alternate, 10-20cm long, 5-8cm wide, long-oblong-shaped, with tips bending short in a tail way, fine glandular serrations on margins, minute stellate hairs on backsides tinging whitish throughout, and divaricate hairs along veins. Compound racemes hung down from branch tips with many white flowers. The inflorescences measure 13-20cm long, and corollas are 6-7cm long, cut into five deep, with stellate hairs. Stamens are 10 in number, longer than the corollas, with inches inside of filaments, pistils are 1 in number, and styles are somewhat longer than stamens, with long hairs. Bloom time: June.




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