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Pulsatilla cernua / Okinagusa オキナグサ

Bloom time:  April-May

Ranunculaceae /


Species in the genus Pulsatilla:

Pulsatilla cernua / Okinagusa


Pulsatilla cernua / Okinagusa オキナグサ

Pulsatilla cernua is a perennial herb growing in sunny grasslands, significantly hairy. Radical leaves are bipinnately compound, with long petioles, and the leaflets cleft afresh into 2-3 segments. As the flower stalks grow up to as high as 10 cm, flowers bloom, extending to about 40cm in height when flowering ends. On-stem leaves, petiole-less and bonding at bases together, are in a whorl of three, each thinly cleft into leaflets. Flower buds singly emerge on the tips of flower stalks and bloom facing downwards. The bell-shaped flowers measure approximately 3cm in diameter, with no petals; sepals are petal-like, 6 in number; insides are dark purple-red, and outsides look whitish since being covered densely with silky white hairs. There are many stamens in the same way as pistils; long hairs are close together on styles. Bloom time: April-May.




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