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Pyrrosia linearifolia / Birohdoshida ビロードシダ

Bloom time:

Polypodiaceae / Kayatsurigusaka    
Species in the genus Pyrrosia:

Pyrrosia linearifolia / Birohdoshida

Pyrrosia linearifolia / Birohdoshida ビロードシダ

Pyrrosia linearifolia is an evergreen fern inhabiting rocks or trunks, extending rhizomes long sideways, densely wearing brown to red-brown ramenta. Leaves are simple-leaved, linear, 5-10cm in length, approximately 5mm in width, entire, tips round, having stellate hairs densely throughout, which feel like velvet. Sporangia line up vertically on either side of the midribs on the backside of the leaves.



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