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Ranunculus cantoniensis / Kekitsunenobotan ケキツネノボタン

Bloom time:  March-July

Ranunculaceae /


Species in the genus Ranunculus:

Ranunculus cantoniensis / Kekitsunenobotan
Ranunculus hibamontanus / Hibakinpouge
Ranunculus japonicus / Umanoashigata
Ranunculus kazusensis / Himebaikamo
Ranunculus muricatus / Togeminokitsunenobotan
Ranunculus nipponicus var. submersus / Baikamo
Ranunculus quelpaertensis / Kitsunenobotan
Ranunculus sceleratus / Tagarashi


Ranunculus cantoniensis / Kekitsunenobotan ケキツネノボタン

Ranunculus cantoniensis is a 40-60cm-in-height perennial herb inhabiting paddies or wetlands or having divaricate hairs. Leaves are of a ternate compound leaf, leaflets cleft in three afresh, and margins sharply serrated - flowers, yellow, approximately 1.2cm in diameter. Tips of achenes are almost straight. Bloom time: March-July.




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