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Ranunculus quelpaertensis / Kitsunenobotan キツネノボタン

Bloom time: March-July

Ranunculaceae /


Species in the genus Ranunculus:

Ranunculus cantoniensis / Kekitsunenobotan
Ranunculus hibamontanus / Hibakinpouge
Ranunculus japonicus / Umanoashigata
Ranunculus kazusensis / Himebaikamo
Ranunculus muricatus / Togeminokitsunenobotan
Ranunculus nipponicus var. submersus / Baikamo
Ranunculus quelpaertensis / Kitsunenobotan
Ranunculus sceleratus / Tagarashi


Ranunculus quelpaertensis / Kitsunenobotan キツネノボタン

Ranunculus quelpaertensis is a perennial of a 30-60cm-tall herb found in paddies or ditch edges, etc.; leaves being of a trifoliate compound leaf, its leaflets cut in three newly, but not so deep as Ranunculus cantoniensis. Leaf margins are serrated - not too sharp. Flowers, yellow, range 1-1.5cm in diameter; achenes curve down at the tops. Bloom time: March-July.




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