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Reineckea carnea / Kichijousou キチジョウソウ

Bloom time:  August-October

Asparagaceae /


Species in the genus Reineckea:

Reineckea carnea / Kichijousou


Reineckea carnea / Kichijousou キチジョウソウ

Reineckea carnea: An evergreen perennial that occurs in forests in warm climate regions, with radical leaves 10-30cm long and broad linear-shaped. Flower stalks grow to 8-12cm in height and set light red-purple flowers in a raceme-like inflorescence. Perianth lobes measure 0.8-1.2cm long, and the lower half parts connate in a tubular way. Sap fruit matures in red. Bloom time: August-October.




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