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Rhododendron ripense / Kishitsutsuji キシツツジ

Bloom time: April-May

Ericaceae /


Species in the genus Rhododendron:

Rhododendron japonicum / Rengetsutsuji
Rhododendron japonicum f. flavum / Kirengestutsuji
Rhododendron japonoheptamerum var. hondoense / Honshakunage
Rhododendron japonoheptamerum var. okiense / Okishakunage
Rhododendron kaempferi / Yamatsutsuji
Rhododendron lagopus / Daisennmitsubatsutsuji
Rhododendron reticulatum / Kobanomitsubatsutsuji
Rhododendron reticulatum f. albiflorum / Shirobanakobanomitsubatsutsuji
Rhododendron ripense / Kishitsutsuji
Rhododendron semibarbatum / Baikatsutsuji


Rhododendron ripense / Kishitsutsuji キシツツジ

Rhododendron ripense is a semi-evergreen shrub, 1-1.5m in height, inhabiting bank rocks of rivers where it gets possibly flooded when risen. Barks are gray-black, and braches have long hairs facing diagonally upwards. Leaves are of alternate phyllotaxis, all gathering at the branch tops; spring leaves are 3-5cm in length, 0.8-1.5cm in width, in the shape of lanceolate or oblanceolate, both ends pointed, and there are many light brown hairs on either side of the leaves and margins. Summer leaves are smaller, oblanceolate, thick in texture, and pass winter. Flowers, red-purple, appear a few each on the branch tops simultaneously when the leaves develop. Corollas, 4-6cm, funnel-shaped, and cut in five - dark dots are on the upper three lobes. April-May.




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