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Rhynchosia volubilis / Tankirimame タンキリマメ

Bloom time:  July-September

Fabaceae /


Species in the genus Rhynchosia:

Rhynchosia acuminatifolia / Tokirimame
Rhynchosia volubilis / Tankirimame

Rhynchosia volubilis / Tankirimame タンキリマメ

Rhynchosia volubilis is a climbing perennial found in sunny locations, like grassland, and forest edges, the stems having downward hairs, going up counterclockwise to the other plants around. Leaves are composed of 3 leaflets, each 3-5cm long, 2.5-4cm wide, and relatively thick, and on the backsides, there exist lots of downward hairs and brown-yellow granular dots. Flowers, light yellow, about 9mm in diameter, come in a racemose way. Legumes ripen red to split open; insides expose two black seeds. Bloom time: July-September.




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